For the time being, although worship is now permitted in church, with various restrictions and conditions to minimise the risk of infection, the Vicar and Curate are still putting out an on-line Sunday Morning service each week via Youtube and the St Mary's Facebook page.

You can catch up here on any of the on-line services you may have missed or wish to see again:

Fithteenth Sunday after Trinity (20th September) [Youtube]  ~ [Order of Service]

 Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity (13th September)~ Patronal Festival ~  [Youtube] ~ [Order of Service]

Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity (6th September) [Youtube] ~ [Order of Service]

Twelth Sunday after Trinity (30th August) [Youtube] ~ [Order of Service]

Eleventh Sunday after Trinity (23rd August) [Youtube] ~ [Order of Service]

Tenth Sunday after Trinity (16th August) [Youtube ] ~ [Order of Service]

Ninth Sunday after Trinity (9th August) [Youtube] ~ [Order of Service]

Eighth Sunday after Trinity (2nd August) [Youtube] ~ [Order of Service]

Seventh Sunday after Trinity (26th July) [Youtube] ~ [Order of Service]

Sixth Sunday after Trinity (19th July) [Youtube ] ~ [Order of Service

Fifth Sunday after Trinity (12th July) Sea Sunday [Youtube] ~ [Order of Service]

Fourth Sunday after Trinity (5th July) [Youtube] ~ [Order of Service]

Third Sunday after Trinity (28th June) [Youtube] ~  [Order of Service]

Second Sunday after Trinity (21st June) [Youtube]  ~ [Order of Service]

 First Sunday after Trinity (14th June)  [Youtube] ~  [Order of Service]

Trinity Sunday (7th June) Witness the final service taken by Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York  [YouTube].

Pentecost (30th May) [Youtube]  ~ [Order of Service]
Service of Unity, organised by Transforming Teesside Together ~ [

Seventh Sunday in Easter (24th May) [YouTube] ~ [Order of Service 

Sixth Sunday in Easter (17th May) [YouTube] ~ [Order of Service]

Fifith Sunday in Easter (10th May) [ YouTube]  ~ [Order of Service]  

Fourth Sunday in Easter [YouTube] ~ [Order of Service] & [Children's Activity Sheet]

3rd Sunday in Easter [YouTube] or [Facebook] ~ [Order of Service]

2nd Sunday in Easter [YouTube Link] ~ [Order of Service]

Easter Day [YouTube Link] ~ [Order of Service]

Good Friday [YouTube Link] ~ [Order of Service]

During lock-down, the choir continued to function as a Virtual Choir* and recorded a new hymn or anthem each week, which formed part of the Sunday Morning on-line service. They have now stopped for a well earned summer break, but will resume activities at the beginning of September.

All their recordings can be found on the Audio page.

*Each member of the choir made a recording of their own part at home, while listening, via headphones, to a specially prepared backing track. The recordings were then mixed, with a suitable accompaniment, to produce the final version.


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