Since the start of the original pandemic lock-down, the Vicar or Curate  put out a pre-recorded on-line Sunday Morning service each week via Youtube and the St Mary's Facebook page. After the Third Sunday of Easter services were no longer pre-recorded, but were streamed on-line on Facebook. 

You can catch up here on any of the pre-recorded services you may have missed or wish to see again:

Third Sunday of Easter (18th April) ~ facebook

Second Sunday of Easter (11th April) ~ Youtube 

Palm Sunday (28th March 2021) ~ YouTube 

Mothering Sunday - Fourth Sunday of Lent (14th March 2021) ~ YouTube
 Evensong on-line on Youtube.

Third Sunday of Lent (7th March 2021) ~ YouTube 

Second Sunday of Lent (28th February 2021) ~ YouTube
First Sunday of Lent (21st February 2021) ~ YouTube 

Ash Wednesday (17th February) ~ Youtube 

The Sunday next before Lent YouTube 

Sunday 7th February 2021 ~ YouTube

4th Sunday of Epiphany ~ Candlemas (31st January 2021)
Morning Service [
YouTube] ~ Evensong [Youtube

3rd Sunday of Epiphany (24th January 2021) ~  [YouTube

.2nd Sunday in Epiphany (17th January 2021) ~ [YouTube

1st Sunday of Epiphany (10th January 2021) ~  [YouTube]

Epiphany (3rd January 2021) ~  [YouTube

Christmas Eve - Stories from the Crib ~ [Youtube
Christmas Eve  - Carol Service  ~ [

4th Sunday in Advent  (20th December) ~ [Youtube]

3rd Sunday in Advent  (13th December) ~ [Youtube]

2nd Sunday in Advent ~ Toy Sunday  (6th December) ~ [Youtube]

Advent Sunday  (29th November) ~ [Youtube

Christ the King : The Sunday Next before Advent  (22nd November) ~ [Youtube]

The Second Sunday before Advent ~  (15th November) ~ [Youtube]

Remembrance Sunday ~  (8th November) ~  [Youtube] 

All Saints Day ~  (1st November) ~ [Youtube]

Bible Sunday ~ Last Sunday after Trinity ~  (25th October) [Youtube

Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity ~  (18th October) [Youtube

Harvest Festival ~ Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity ~  (11th October)  [Youtube

Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity (4th October) Café Church Style  [Youtube

Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity (27th September) [Youtube]

Fithteenth Sunday after Trinity (20th September) [Youtube]

 Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity (13th September)~ Patronal Festival ~  [Youtube]

Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity (6th September) [Youtube]

Twelth Sunday after Trinity (30th August) [Youtube]

Eleventh Sunday after Trinity (23rd August) [Youtube]

Tenth Sunday after Trinity (16th August) [Youtube ]

Ninth Sunday after Trinity (9th August) [Youtube]

Eighth Sunday after Trinity (2nd August) [Youtube]

Seventh Sunday after Trinity (26th July) [Youtube]

Sixth Sunday after Trinity (19th July) [Youtube ]

Fifth Sunday after Trinity (12th July) Sea Sunday [Youtube]

Fourth Sunday after Trinity (5th July) [Youtube]

Third Sunday after Trinity (28th June) [Youtube]

Second Sunday after Trinity (21st June) [Youtube]

 First Sunday after Trinity (14th June)  [Youtube]

Trinity Sunday (7th June) Witness the final service taken by Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York  [YouTube].

Pentecost (30th May) [Youtube]
Service of Unity, organised by Transforming Teesside Together ~ [YouTube]  

Seventh Sunday in Easter (24th May) [YouTube]

Sixth Sunday in Easter (17th May) [YouTube]

Fifith Sunday in Easter (10th May) [ YouTube]

Fourth Sunday in Easter [YouTube]

3rd Sunday in Easter [YouTube]

2nd Sunday in Easter [YouTube]

Easter Day [YouTube Link]

Good Friday [YouTube Link]

During lock-down, the choir continues to function as a Virtual Choir* and records  new hymns and anthems, which form part of the Sunday Morning on-line service. A list of all their recordings can be found on the Festival Choir page

Some of their recordings can be found on the Audio page.

*Each member of the choir made a recording of their own part at home, while listening, via headphones, to a specially prepared backing track. The recordings are then mixed, with a suitable accompaniment, to produce the final version.


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