Church Groups

Given below is brief summary of the activities of the many Church and affiliated groups centred on the Parish Church. A warm welcome will always be extended to anyone wishing to join in any of the activities.

Church Cleaning Group

The Parish Church is a beautifully appointed church, in an excellent state of repair, but like all such buildings it requires constant cleaning to maintain its appearance. The Church Cleaning Group operates a cleaning rota to keep it looking spick and span. New volunteers are always welcome to share the load.
Contact: Christine Young

Churches Together in Marton & Nunthorpe

The Churches Together group seek to achieve a closer understanding between the various denominations that worship in Marton and Nunthorpe, through numerous joint activities. These include fundraising for Mission work, joint acts of worship and participation in study courses.
Contact: Dr Graham Hassall (01642 318195) or J
anet Jameson (01642 315226)

Festival Choir

Please see the Festival Choir page

Flower Guild

The aim of St Mary's Flower Guild is to provide extra funds for the PCC. Its very talented and imaginative members are responsible for providing the flowers at the many weddings conducted each year in the Parish Church, and for Festival Days (Easter, Harvest and Christmas) and other special occasions and weeks when flowers are kindly donated by other people. A flower arrangement is provided each week at the Church Hall.
Contact: Betty Griffin

Ladies Luncheon Club

The aims of the Ladies Luncheon Club are to enrich the community life of Nunthorpe and to provide St Mary's Church with some regular income.
The Ladies Luncheon Club meets monthly to provide not only food for the body, but also food for thought, via the contributions of visiting speakers.
Up to seventy five people are catered for and a wide range of subjects are covered in the talks, providing entertainment and enlightenment. 

Chairman: Brenda Goman  
Hon. Treasurer: Janet Jameson

Mothers' Union

Mothers' Union world website link

The Mothers’ Union is an international Christian charity, with over 4 million members, which seeks to support families worldwide.

In Nunthorpe the branch meets twice monthly, on the first Tuesday at 2.00pm and on the third Tuesday at 7.30pm except in August. The meetings are addressed by a variety of interesting speakers, usually on topics relating to the aims and objects of the Mothers’ Union. Meals together and outings are also part of the programme. The branch organises various fundraising events for the work of Mothers’ Union at home and abroad. Members work at church fundraising events such as Spring, Summer and Christmas Fairs and organise Pram Service on behalf of St. Mary’s Church.

Contacts:       Edith Dobson     Branch Secretary         01642 318902

                      Sandra Arnott    Afternoon Secretary      01642 321102

Click on the MU logo (above) to connect to the Mothers’ Union Worldwide website.

Nunthorpe News

The Nunthorpe News is a monthly magazine for the Parish, produced jointly by the Anglican and the Methodist Churches of Nunthorpe. Subscription is currently £5.00 per year. If you would like to subscribe please contact Anne Graham at 40 Bedford Road, Nunthorpe (Tel. 01642 316466), email: Contact

Contributions to the Nunthorpe News are always welcome. If you have a contribution, or would like to place an advertisement, in the magazine, it should be submitted to Anne Graham for her consideration. 

Nunthorpe Players
The Nunthorpe Players is a drama group affiliated to the Nunthorpe PCC, which stages a number productions at the Church Hall throughout the year. Click on their logo to link to their own web site.
Pram Service

Please see the Pram Service page

Pram Service logo
Sanctuary Guild

The Sanctuary Guild work quietly and efficiently to ensuring that the silver wear is kept polished and that there is a continual supply of clean Sanctuary Linen, both at the Church and at the Hall. They also have responsibility for the albs and girdles worn by the servers. New members are always welcome.
Contact: Christine Young

Youth Groups Please see the separate Youth Groups pages.